This post shares 5 steps to create content for your dream clients


“Hey,” Kendall said to herself in the mirror. “It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself.”

She went back into her bedroom and turned off the light. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her thoughts were all over the place – from how it had been 3 weeks since she’d posted on Facebook (or was it longer?), to how much she knew that as a life coach she should be blogging weekly. After all, Kendall wants to provide value to her future clients. She wondered why she felt like it was a waste of time anyway…. 

And then there was that dreaded feeling of self-doubt creeping up on her again.

Kendall thought about how great it was when a coaching client would email or text her with questions about their health or pictures of themselves from years ago. They told her they didn’t recognize themselves anymore because they’d lost 20 pounds doing yoga! 

The weight loss stories were always inspiring and encouraging. Yet, her list of clients had dwindled lately. 

Kendall wanted to feel confident about her content, marketing strategy, and how to talk to potential life coaching clients in content. Sadly, she didn’t feel certain about any of those marketing things. 

Some days it felt like she could power through creating content for dream clients. Other days, Kendall didn’t feel like doing anything at all – not even an email… much less a blog post!

“I really need to get back on track.” She thought about how important it is to create content for dream clients for her business and for Facebook engagement. “How can I create content consistently when I don’t even know what content to create?”

Maybe you can relate to Kendall? I sure can.

No argument here, writing articles/blog posts/video scripts for content marketing can be hard work! 

You might not feel like you have much to say. Maybe it feels like nothing is new or exciting anymore. Is your mindset that no one will care about your content anyway? Well, that’s just your inner mean girl talking! 

Even though it feels like you’re staring at a blank screen (for hours) when it’s time to create fresh content for your dream client, there are still plenty of valuable ideas that will resonate with your people. I pinky-swear promise.

For example: your content topics could include:

  • How to reduce stress naturally without medication for women over 50
  • Empowering women solopreneurs struggling with imposter syndrome or overwhelm
  • Applying self-care strategies for single working moms (in only 15 minutes a day)
  • Exercises to reduce back pain for women over 40

But wait a hot minute, before you dive into pounding out an epic blog post with “The 7 best-ever tips for eating right to manage your A1C for women“, let’s take a breath. 

You want your content to be valuable to your dream, ideal client, right?

Valuable-to-YOUR-dream-client topics all depend on two factors: 

  1. Your dream clients’ specific urgent problems
  2. What you want to accomplish in your coaching business in the next 90 days

How do you unearth these juicy content topics that your potential life coaching clients are madly scanning their inboxes, Facebook feeds for? And engages a dream client to become interested in your services?

Good questions! That leads us to the whole “how to be consistent when you create content for dream clients” conversation…


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Do you need help with how to create great content for dream clients?

Even if content doesn’t feel important to expanding your coaching business with more potential clients, right now, it is.

Content creation will build your credibility as a life coach or health coach. 

Don’t forget: the minute you’re referred by a friend, a potential life coaching client is going to search your name online. It’s the content that shows up on Google (your website) when people search to find out about what you do as a life coach and how they can work with you…this is huge!

After all, you want to attract and engage the specific dream clients you want to serve, right? But then we have that blank screen staring at us…

I hear you, you’re not alone.

Many women coaches are struggling, feeling self-doubt and at a loss for content ideas to write about.

This is 100% understandable, because so many of us are trying to build up (rebuild) our coaching business from scratch.

But here’s the truth, if you understand your dream clients’ top problems and clarify your business goals, finding marketing content topics to write about becomes easypeasy.

Or at least, not as difficult as slogging through mud in sandals.

5 Steps to Create Content for Dream Clients


Here are 5 steps you can use today to overcome an uncertain mindset about what to say in your content. These steps help you find your process for creating consistent weekly blog posts for marketing your business (or whatever type of content floats your boat). 


Step 1: Know your content purpose and who you want to serve (it’s the most important part of creating content)


You can’t create exciting content that engages future clients if it doesn’t serve a specific purpose for a specific person. This specific person: your perfect-fit dream client.

Here’s a proven exercise: write down the most urgent problems your dream clients face – it doesn’t matter if you think you have content topics for each one. Brainstorming is an incredibly effective way to get your fresh marketing content ideas flowing.

Take a few days to let your mind wander and write down everything you can think oftrust methis is the hardest part! 

Your reward? You’ll easily choose the content ideas that resonate with the specific humans who you want to serve.

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Step 2: Get clear on the business goal your content could help you achieve 


Besides understanding what’s important to clients, you also must know what specifically you want your content to accomplish for your business. Ask yourself:

  • Do you need more practice coaching clients to prepare for certification?
  • Do you want to book new coaching clients for a 3-month commitment?
  • Is growing your email list a current marketing strategy priority? 
  • Looking to fill your new group coaching program that begins in 60 days?

As a coach, setting a business goal for your content is crucial. It helps to establish your credibility and build trust online with potential clients. 

You create content once, publish it on your website, and it powers your marketing strategy for years. It does this amazing feat by attracting your future clients because you’re talking about their problems.

Once potential clients find your website, you offer them a free opt in. Now you‘re building a list of subscribers that you can email regularly. 

Keep in mind, your trusty workhorse-of-a-blog-post does this over and over and over again for your marketing strategy.

Holy cow! That’s a lot going on for one post. So before you create one, sit down and think about exactly which outcome you want from it.

By identifying the online coaching business growth goals you want your content to meet, you’ll create content for dream clients that’s relevant.

You’ll create fewer of the one-size-fits-all posts that aren’t meaningful to your ideal client or helpful in bringing the right visitors to your site from social media. You’ll create more content that future clients actually care about, so they stick around.

Okay, now that you’ve gotten clarity around the urgent problems of your dream client and the business goals for your content, it’s time to set your content creation intentions for Step 3.


Step 3: How often will you create + publish *core content*?


As a life coach, your core content is made up of blog posts, podcasts, or videos. 

As we’ve said,

The best part is that after creating your core content you can easily share snippets of it on Facebook as often as you like. 

See, a big part of your what-do-I-post-on-Facebook-today is already done! Can I get a high-five?

To keep yourself visible online to new clients, start by deciding how often you want to share your new core content. It’s up to you, you’re the boss! 

  • You may decide to create it monthly, twice a month, or weekly
  • You don’t need to post a new blog or podcast on your website every day to be a successful coach, thank goodness!

Also, clarify how frequently you intend to engage on social media so you can connect with a new client. Do you want to post on Facebook or LinkedIn Monday to Friday? Three times a week?

Write down your plan so that it’s clear what content topics you’ll share and when – this is super helpful for organizing both your thoughts and your time. 

This is the easiest step, grab a paper planner, set up an Asana project, calendar, or Google calendar, if you are not using one already. Now, you can see at a glance what content you’re posting and when.

Now, you’ll know when to create core content and when you’re sharing it on Facebook, LinkedIn or other sites, so you can stay on top of showing up and engaging with dream clients…

That’s the top reason you create content for dream clientsso you can engage with them online.


Step 4: Choose your content ideas for each week


Now it’s time to look at all of those notes and content topic ideas that you jotted down during your brainstorming in Step 1 (above).

Go back to the beginning: Remind yourself of who you’re creating content for. 

Ask: Which topics can you write a valuable educational post that future clients are happy to find, click on, and read?

Knowing this will help you determine the answers to questions like…

“Are my readers searching for X?” 

“What type of blog posts could I create in order to get them curious about my services?” 

“Which content topics are my future clients most interested in?”

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Step 5: Show up online, share your content + engage with future clients


Unlike entrepreneurs selling tangible products, when you’re a life, wellness, marriage coach, or consultant, the backbone of your business is relationship-building. 

Because you work one-on-one with clients, nurturing client relationships from the time they discover you helps ensure they continue coming back again to read/watch your content. Not only that, you want them to follow you on social media, join your email list, and (best of all) contact you for a discovery call. 

You build trust with blog post readers and social media followers when you’re publishing fresh content consistently and showing up on social media to share it and engage with them. 

So, what does it mean to engage with potential clients on social media?

Social Media Engagement is when you interact with the posts made by people you follow on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn or other social media sites. 

To be clear, engagement is when your social media connections:

  • “Like” or “Love” your post with emojis 
  • Comment on your post (this is a huge positive for you)
  • Watch your Live Stream 
  • View your recorded video (that you uploaded) 
  • Share your blog post/social media post/video with their Facebook connections (2nd best engagement)
  • Private message you to ask about your services (Yay! The best engagement.)

Of course, engagement works both ways.

So to earn these last two engagement goodies, you must be a great social media community member by “giving first”.

How? You make thoughtful, authentic comments on their social media posts, answer their questions with helpful non-salesy info, reply to all comments they make on your posts, and say “Thank you so much!” when followers share/comment/like your posts. 

Tell me, can you think of ways you can become a better social media community member?

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Final thoughts to create content for dream clients consistently

As a purpose-driven coach, you know the value of having content that is both valuable to your dream client and helps you achieve your business goals.

It all depends on two factors: your dream clients’ specific urgent problems and what YOU want to accomplish in your business within the next 90 days. 

After pouring your heart into writing a blog post and showing up on social media consistently to share snippets of what you’ve written, how do you still get future clients reading? 

Decide this for yourself by considering these questions:

What type of a blog post will help me be more successful with my marketing goals over the next three months? 

How much time can I commit each week or month to not only write new blog post articles and publish them online, but also show up to engage on social media? 

Oh, what about Kendall? 

To get over her content creation block, she made a mindset shift and began treating herself like she treats her clients. Kendall scheduled time each week to create a new blog post, publish it on her website, and show up on social media to share and engage with her ideal client.

Can you do something similar? 

I’m pulling for you!

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