What if you could create web content that connects you with the exact clients you love serving?

When dream clients click to your homepage, you want your message to align with their needs, right? In fact, you want each page of your site content to resonate with the feelings, the issues that brought your visitor to your site. 

Here’s the thing, you know you can make a giant difference in the lives of the clients you want to serve, am I right?! Yes, so you want to pour your heart into your website content.

Despite what it looks like, your website isn’t a collection of copy or content! Your website is your *stand-in* for when a future client who doesn’t know you yet finds it.

Your web content words are your best tool to connect with her when she’s scanning the page to see what you offer…

She’s asking herself, “Can this coach help me?”

What would you say if you were sitting across the table from her?

And yet, do you struggle with what to say in your content, so you can answer the biggest questions dream clients are asking themselves as they click to your home page?

Then, I’m super glad you’re here because I have awesome tips you can use right away to first shift your mindset around creating web content that your clients are looking for. Next, I’m giving you specific actions that you can adopt to get yourself on the path to writing content that answers your audience’s burning questions.

This post shares 7 tips to create compelling web content that helps to grow your business by aligning with your dream clients’ needs–and it begins with a mindset shift.

Shall we dig in?

Tip #1) Be direct

For starters, you want to be the coach who writes directly to her dream clients in your web content. And only to them. It turns out that, you only need to be absolutely yourself. Here’s how to be direct: use the exact words in your content that you’d use if you were sitting across the table, talking to your ideal client.

Just for the record, there are only two kinds of clients who have the problems you solve out there searching for help…

  1. Your dream clients
  2. Everybody else

When it comes to creating compelling web content, shift your mindset. Resolve to focus solely on the places your dream clients are struggling. It sounds simple, but arguably, not always easy. To standout to your audience, you want to write web content that’s gut-wrenchingly honest and to-the-point about the precise problems your dream clients bring up to you.

You create website messages, articles, services descriptions, program outlines, freebies, and blog posts that speak directly to your dream client.

Especially your homepage message, because that’s how your client gets to know you when she looks you up. It’s your dream client’s first impression.  When a mutual friend sends her your website, you want her to find the warm, empathetic coach that you are in person, don’t you?

One of the toughest challenges in making the mindset shift to focus on the *one* dream client that I see is this: as a caring, savvy woman in business, you want to be inclusive. I get it. I was sure there when I began as a marketing coach.

Maybe, like me in the beginning of my business, you want to help everyone. You want to serve every woman who has the problems you coach about. But, you don’t have to!

Whew, isn’t it a relief that you don’t need to talk to *everybody* who has the problems you help solve? You only need to talk to your dream clients in your content. Can I get an amen?!

Tip #2) Craft stories

Your (anonymous) short stories make it easier for dream clients who don’t know you yet, to build trust in you.      

Because the language you use, the stories you tell, the lessons you share—help website visitors understand that you’re the coach for them. They’re more likely to be inspired to read your Services page, scroll through your blogs, and then set up a discovery session with you.

Why? All because you made the effort to write content that aligns with the changes your dream clients are struggling to make.

Let’s talk more about how you can show up as your wonderful warm caring self on your website, shall we?

Web Content | She Markets MentorPin

Readers love it when you share short stories in your web content.

Tip #3) Do this to get started

Whether your website needs updating, or you’re writing for your first site, set an intention for what your web content will say to visitors.

In order to focus your web content, shift your mindset to where your ideal clients are stuck today. Like so:

  • Add to, or retell the story you’ve written about your dream clients’ current situation
  • Include these in their story: their motivations, dreams, desires, and values
  • Identify what makes your dream client different from everyone else who has the problems you solve
  • Document how you know they’re motivated to make the changes your programs enable

Keep in mind, you want to refresh your perfect client description after you complete each successful client project or group program.

Now that you have an up-to-date handle on your dream clients’ situation, let’s keep going.

Tip #4) Stay on top of this aspect about your dream clients

Maintain a list of your dream clients’ top, urgent, long-standing problems, pain points, and barriers. Create this list from your clients’ viewpoint.

Give yourself this advantage, reflect back over your recent client and prospect interactions to uncover shifts in their struggles. Often!

  • What have you learned about your clients’ struggles in the last few months?
  • Have you noticed new issues that are shifting for them?
  • What kinds of new problems are cropping up, that they’re grappling with today?
  • What have they already tried to solve their problems—that didn’t work?

I promise you, it really is that straightforward. You stay on top of your dream clients’ giant pain points, so that you can create content just for them. Content that shares baby steps they can take to become the better version of themselves they want to be. Content that gives them hope.

Later, you’ll thank yourself for keeping a running list of your dream clients’ top, urgent problems.

In this post you can learn from Marie’s story about how to better understand your dream clients. 

Help your dream clients feel confident in getting unstuck when they read your web content 

You want to be the coach who shares inspiration, examples of others who’ve solved their problems. That way, you give your web content readers confidence about finding help.

How do you do this? Glad you asked!

You want to give your clients hope that they can overcome the barriers in front of them. Write messages that give them a glimpse of what’s waiting for them, after they work with you. Share with your web visitors their possibilities, because helping them see the better version of themselves is so uplifting. 

Tip #5) Create content for this person only

Create content for your *One Dream Client*. Ask questions, observe what type of content your dream clients prefer to learn from.

Choose a content type that your dream clients enjoy, so you can make connections with them when they find your website.

  • Do they like easy-to-read blog posts chock full of handy, quick tips?
  • Would they rather read stories of how other women, just like them, have navigated tough life challenges?
  • Are they into listening to podcasts while working out, running, or doing errands?
  • How about step-by-step tutorials to help them solve smaller problems?

Ask them to connect with you in each piece of content

Because you want to use your web content to grow your business, make a decision about what action you’d like dream clients to take once they “meet you” on your homepage or blog.

To accomplish client connections, you’ll use a “Call-to-Action,” (CTA). Calls-to-Action are marketing-speak for asking your web visitors to take the next small step to stay in your world. Some popular and effective CTAs are…

Do you want them to click over to your blog to get to know you?

Wanna read more about how I can help you? Check out my step-by-step blog posts

Maybe you want them to opt in to your email list so you can build a relationship by sharing your expertise with them weekly?

Join my email list, so you don’t miss my weekly blogs where I share tips to help you solve [name the problems you help with]

…When you join my email list, you’ll get the insider insights I don’t share anywhere else

Is setting up a discovery call with you the first goal?

…Click here to schedule a no-obligation call with me to discuss your best next steps

…Want to get clear about your next steps? Click here to purchase a session with me. Together we’ll create your plan.

If you want to establish your credibility, include brief testimonials on your website homepage. Make them easy to find, don’t bury them on the page.

Tip #6) Before you look at your web content, do this

Refer back to your brain dump of your dream clients’ most pressing problems. (See Tip #4 from above.)

With fresh eyes, read through your website. In most of your web content, are you talking specifically about what’s on your dream clients’ mind? Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes, check these pages:   

      1. Services page
      2. About page
      3. Contact me page 
      4. Blog posts
      5. Home page

Review your web content, asking yourself these questions:

  • Does your dream client’s urgent problem jump out at her when she lands on your homepage?
  • Do you coach women struggling with major life transitions like divorce, loss, or financial hardships? Make your content clear that you understand their struggle.
  • Can she see herself on your site? Without having to scroll down the page?
  • Does she think, Wow, this life coach gets me!
  • In addition to describing your packages, does your Services Page talk also about her top concerns? 
  • Can she see her problems jump off the page, at a quick glance?
  • How recent is your last blog post? Podcast episode?

Tip #7) You can’t have compelling web content without this

You must have a content plan, even if you don’t know what it is. The reality is, what doesn’t get written down, calendared, and followed up on—doesn’t get done.

Your content plan can be in any format that works for you. Google doc, spreadsheet, Word document, project plan app like Trello. All that matters is that you have a planning tool that supports your work style.

Next, what blog posts can you create that align with the issues your dream clients are struggling with in this moment?

Jot down 5-10 draft topic headlines that will jump out to your readers because they’re specific to what she’s searching for today.

Here’s my blog post with a content plan example you can adopt.

Bonus! Tip #8) Share web content snippets on social media

Here’s the best part about creating website content that aligns with your dream clients’ needs–now you have content to share on social!

The time you’ve invested in coming up with topics that dream clients are interested in really pays off now. Here’s how:

  1. Don’t wake up another morning thinking, “What do I post about on social media today?!”
  2. Choose small sections of your webpages or blog posts that work as *standalone* content
  3. Make these sections into “snippets”
  4. Share these snippets of website content on social media sites your clients spend time on

From one of your blog posts, as an example, you can pull 15 or more social media posts!

Final thoughts

Please don’t be the life coach who puts her head in the sand about choosing the right words for your web content and message. 

Avoid the mistake of sitting on the sidelines, not showing up, and not sharing your experiences. The insights that you’ve gained from helping past clients, practice clients, or family members–are interesting to the people who want the transformations you offer.

To get started, ask yourself…

  • Which dream client problems do you need to create content for?
  • What are their problems that aren’t currently discussed on your site?

According to experts, the most visited pages on your site are your: About Page, Services Page and if you’re a speaker, your Speaker Page. Check these pages out first.

You’ve got this!

~ Cynthia 


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