Are you looking to make more engaging content to empower your marketing, like many of us in coaching? So you can become more consistent with marketing? And make more connections with future clients online?

So good! I love your intentions. You’re not alone!

Yet, maybe some days you’re like Briana…

Briana was sitting at her desk, staring at a blank screen. She usually had a blog post idea to write by now but she just couldn’t seem to get started. 

It’s not that the subject of the blog article didn’t interest her – it did. 

In fact, normally she’d thought about what to say for hours (days) before choosing a topic and writing an introductory sentence or two. So why wasn’t anything happening?

  • It seemed there were too many things going on in her life right now for Briana to find the creative energy necessary to focus and get this blog post done well-enough so it’d be worth publishing for her audience.
  • It wasn’t that Briana didn’t want to write, she wanted a fresh how-to article she could send to her list at least once a week. Not only that, she knew that then she’d have more already-done content to share on social media.
  • By sharing blog snippets on social media, she’d get more visitors back to her website, where more folks would sign up for her list. Think of the future client connections she’d make!
  • More connections and email subscribers meant the possibility of selling more coaching packages…including the digital course she was currently developing.

Then, it seemed like everyone was always telling Briana how much they loved reading her blog. That made her want to keep up the writing momentum to further establish herself as an expert coach.

But then came that pesky blank page; Briana’s mind came up with every reason she just couldn’t write today:

I can’t seem to sit still long enough for this post. It feels like I’m constantly thinking of other stuff that has to get done.

My head’s spinning with all the ideas to share so I can get engagement from my readers…which one do I start with?

I’m not sure how to make this engaging content also meaningful so more readers will click on it!

This post has to be perfect because I haven’t published a new blog post since, um….

Can you relate to Briana’s dilemma? I sure can! 

Stay with me, I’ll share 5 tangible, practical content creation steps to take so you can make more client connections.

5 steps to make more engaging content so you can connect with clients

Step 1: Rise up: take ownership of your client and your content strategy 

After more years than I’d like to admit as a marketing professional, I can guarantee that two business facts cannot be disputed:

1) Marketing is the lifeblood of your business.

2) Content is the bedrock of your marketing. 

Well, make that three facts:

3) Sharing original content on social media is fairly unavoidable unless you’re planning to consistently run paid ads.

Even then, sharing blogs, podcasts, and videos organically on social media’s here to stay if you’re looking to connect with more members of your target audience online.

Not only that, we’ve all gotta make and publish fresh, original content on the regular.

So, you can take a few minutes to rant that these consistent content creation realities are grossly unfair. That you’ve got some perfectly lovely, spot-on articles that you created and posted on your website 3 months ago.

And I’m right there with you. It’s annoying that we must continually come up with new content, but here we are.

After our rant, we must shift into action. Get clear about who your best clients are and what your precise content creation strategy is. Then, you can make connections with them more easily.

Imagine how confident and empowered you’ll feel, after you have clarity about who you’re making content for. And what your creation and sharing strategy is. You’ll become a confident creator, publish more engaging content online that aligns with people you want to serve . You’ll bring in more of your potential clients. All because you’re connecting with the right clients.

It all starts with clarity. And ownership. Choose your dream clients and decide on how you’ll make and use content to attract and connect with the clients you want to serve.

You may ask: how do you know what content your audience wants? Let’s look at Step 2.

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Step 2: Listen to dream clients until your ears bleed 

Your marketing content could be the missing puzzle piece your clients are scanning their social media feeds to discover. Unless you’re single-minded about understanding clients’ top problems, you’ll be frustrated about making blogs or videos that they’ll dive into.

You don’t want to publish the same-old, repetitive posts and articles as everyone else in your space. Not you! Above all, avoid the pitfall of drowning future clients in generic blogs and feeble social posts with humdrum advice. Don’t share info they’ve seen everywhere.

You’ll be the coach creating mind-blowing content that makes dream clients screech to a halt as they thumb through their Facebook newsfeeds. Or speed through Reels on Instagram.

How do you do that? Glad you asked, for starters you:

  • Have the patient courage to go deep to uncover your dream clients’ unspoken pain
  • Become relentless about asking your ideal clients questions so they can describe their urgent issues (every chance you get)
  • Listen until your ears bleed 
  • Stay empathetic to the problems your clients obsess over

Then what? Your clients’ agonizing problems become your personal content goldmine. All so that you choose the most engaging topics for your amazing blog posts. Remember, you’re creating content ‘only’ for your audience of potential clients. Not for ‘everyone’ who has the problems you help solve.

And we don’t stop there; see Step 3 for what to do with the gems you uncover.

Step 3: Don’t be detached, be determined: unearth topics that matter

So now, how do you come up with meaty, irresistible topics? By planning ahead. You morph into a squirrel gathering nuts for the upcoming winter. Based on conversations with clients, you endlessly craft questions to answer in your content, that dream clients are starving for. You’re constantly collecting, dreaming up, and formulating juicy topics. 

You jot them all down. Keep a notebook,. Dictate into your phone snippets of blog and social media ideas while you’re stopped at a traffic light. Or scribble them on sticky notes. If you’re like me, you’ll brainstorm engaging content ideas while having a glass of wine.

As you’ve gathered by now, you’re never done storing up potential content ideas! Let’s organize your wonderful gems in Step 4…

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Step 4: To make more engaging content, calendar content creation 

After you’re well-stocked with sizzling marketing content ideas that your client audience is scrolling for, it’s time to assemble your topics roadmap/calendar. 

No eye rolls! Call it an Engaging Content Plan, Content Calendar, Social Media Life-Saver Calendar, Editorial Calendar-whatever floats your boat. You can even use a spreadsheet (see image example below) to plot your content topics by week.

All you have to do is record which piece of engaging content you’re going to make on your sweet calendar. 

See, it’s easy peasy to plan what days you’re doing content creation for your wonderful blog and social media readers.

It’s how you create marketing that helps you connect with the dream clients you love. It’s how you bring them into your programs.

Fact is:

You don’t want to realize, holy cow it’s been months since you’ve published a blog post on your website, do you? Or weeks since you’ve posted on social media?

Of course you don’t and that’s why I’ve written Step 5 for you to put your hard work into action.

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Step 5: Create, show up, share, and engage with clients 

Whew, four tidy steps so far! My friend, it’s time to lean in and make your content, based on what you know about your dream clients.

My best advice to you: make marketing content as though your ideal client is sitting across the table from you. Speaking directly, empathetically, and specifically is what you do in your work as a coach, mentor, teacher, and expert, right?

And the best part? You can’t go wrong. Follow your exact same conversational style when writing a blog post or a social media snippet.

Truth be told, this is one of the top advantages you have as a solopreneur. You have the upper hand here because as a coach, this is how you speak normally to your clients. Speak the same way to your online audience when you’re creating pieces of your expertise to share on your website/social media.

All you have to do, is get down on paper (blog post) one of the typical conversations you have with potential clients! 

You know, the ones where your best clients or students feel hopeless. 

  • Where she feels she’ll never be able to move past her pain, her loss, the professional hurdle
  • When she’s brought to her knees by the horrendous curve ball in her personal life she never saw coming.
  • What do you say to give her fresh hope? 
  • To inspire her to shift both her mindset, her path so she can become the person she wants to be? 

Say that in your marketing, and…

…That’s what you say every time you go on social media. 

… Actively share snippets of blog posts on social media. Provide baby steps toward solving the problems your clients struggle with the most.

Final thoughts

Your goal with these five steps to engagement is pretty straightforward. You want to create and share marketing content: blog articles, social media posts, videos, or podcasts. Or all of the above.

It’s all so that you can earn engagement. And connect with the specific clients who struggle with the problems you’re the best at helping to solve. 

Your ultimate goal is to make connections with clients you want to fill your business. So, set your intentions to become consistent with creating marketing content.

And about our friend, Briana? 

She decided it was high time to deal with, as she called it, “the content stuff”. She followed (most of) the 5 steps I’ve shared with you above. 

After becoming consistent with content creation and sharing on social media, her biggest boost came from calendaring her content roadmap.

Her giant benefit? Briana’s words, “Not having to wake up wondering what I am going to freaking post today on Instagram!”

I’m wishing the same for you. Promise you’ll adopt one or more of these practical steps. So you can get on top of creating more engaging content and making more connections with clients you love.


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