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Cynthia Trevino Teaches You How to Create Content

that Makes Dream Clients Say, Wow, she gets me!

You want to make connections with clients who are happy to pay for your services, like other coaches and experts seem to be doing. 

You know you have the expertise to help your clients become the better people they want to be.

You also know that sharing content is a proven way to engage dream clients, but you can’t seem to get consistent with content so you can start those client relationships. 

The truth is:

You’ve realized that your business doesn’t ‘just happen’.

Engaging, attracting, and connecting with the right clients requires that you set your intentions and put in the work. 

But every time you go on social media, or stare at a blank screen trying to think of content topics, you feel overwhelmed, like you’re wasting time getting your business going.

You want to do more of what matters to you. You just need a little help. You’re not alone! I know exactly how you feel.

I’m Cynthia Trevino

I teach life coaches how to get unstuck and be consistent with marketing content creation, so you can grow your business with clients you love (without overwhelm, self-doubt, and second-guessing).

Get Cynthia’s help to discover how to know what content to create, so your dream clients say, “Wow she gets me!” 

You may have seen (heard) Cynthia here…

Amazon #1: She Markets, A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs by Cynthia Trevino

5 Simple Steps: Attract More Clients, Make More Money, and Have More Impact

Author, Amazon #1 Best Seller, She Markets: A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs.

She Markets is a 5-step guide to understanding exactly who your ideal clients are, what their urgent struggles are, and how to create the content they’re hungry for.

It shows you step-by-step how to craft the content you need to grow your business with clients you love serving. So you can change the world, one amazing client at a time.

She Markets is a clear, powerful, comprehensive guide for women entrepreneurs. Loved the easy to use format, relevant examples, step-by-step formulas and excellent exercises.”

"Cynthia's system has brought more clients."

I’ve used Cynthia’s Clarity to Cash model for a year now and I am so impressed. I used to struggle to find content and catchy titles for my blogs and marketing materials, but now it’s so easy!

Cynthia’s system has simplified my life a great deal and it has brought more clients to my business. She has a true expertise in content creation and communicating how to do it to people (like me) who aren’t marketing experts. I highly recommend working with Cynthia.

~ Joanie Connell, Ph. D. Flexible Workplace Solutions

"Cynthia knows marketing for women!"

Her expertise has enriched my coach certification business and has helped launch successful coaching practices for our students.

As a guest presenter during our Mindful & Meaningful Coach Certification course, Cynthia shares her unique and proven marketing tips. Students rave about her support, wisdom and kindness.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia Trevino for women entrepreneurs ready to clarify their ideal clients, improve their marketing messaging and powerfully move their lives and businesses forward.

~ Billie Frances, Guiding Mindful Change

"Cynthia helped me focus my message."

Cynthia’s 1:1 training enabled me to fully and truly understand who my target audience is and make changes on the way I speak to them. As someone with a technology background, I learned to re-word or better articulate my services so that it captures the attention of my potential clients. So they’ll feel that it relates to their current situation.

Cynthia has helped me focus my message to clarify what I can do and why I’m doing what I do to my desired clients. She’s also helped me create Topic Starters for blogging which is the hardest part in writing about my services. Cynthia is patient & answers all your confused questions with a calm and positive tone. Now all I have to do is apply everything that I’ve learned from her.

~ Frances Naty Go – Goldlilys Media

"Cynthia's work is outstanding!"

She really honed our ideal clients, helping us to find the underlying emotional needs of our clients, so we can serve them to reach their goals.

Our time together was fun, incisive and enlightening. I highly recommend Cynthia’s work and cannot wait to do more together!

~ Helen Chang, Author Bridge Media, Bestselling Ghostwriter, Author, Speaker

"Cynthia was both talented and concise."

Cynthia was such a valuable resource when creating my new website!

I was struggling with narrowing down my content and Cynthia was both talented and concise.

~ Gina Peccia, Licensed Professional Counselor

"Cynthia helps you to identify your ideal client."

Cynthia’s expertise and knowledge in regards to marketing and blogging make working with her an exceptional experience. Cynthia has the ability to help identify your ideal client/customer.

Her methods guide you to speak your client/customers language with simple marketing content. Using her methods it is easy to create your own library of writing tools for future use. Given the opportunity I would highly recommend Cynthia’s one on one program, she is an excellent teacher and mentor.

Her Clarity to Cash system works. A gifted speaker as well as teacher, I can’t wait to see her book in print with her proven methods.

~Stephanie Sibley, Owner, Charter Oak Preserving Company

Cynthia’s Story

Here’s how Cynthia got here.

I’m Cynthia Trevino: marketing mentor, content coach, recovering corporate staffer, small dog mom, self-published author of an Amazon #1 best seller, blogger, wife, evil stepmother, and espresso lover.

Today, I can’t imagine not being my own boss. But until 2001, entrepreneurship was not on my bucket list. While working and traveling the expected 70-hour weeks as a marketing director for a Silicon Valley startup, one day, along with half the company, I was unceremoniously laid off.

Without a plan, (which I don’t recommend) I dove headlong into starting my own consulting company. Hey, it’s just like they say. Build the plane as you fly.

After tons of bumps, fumbles, and hard-won lessons about marketing myself and enrolling clients, I became a happy, busy, self-employed consultant for small businesses and startups.

Sadly, in 2018 I uncovered enraging statistics about the earnings gap between women and men entrepreneurs.

Fact is:

The well-documented corporate America gender earnings gap, is alive and well amongst entrepreneurs. In just one study  (Freshbooks), women business owners earned 28% less than men did…for the exact same services. That was unwelcome news!

To do my part to level the playing field, I…

    • Shifted from consulting to mentoring, teaching, and coaching women entrepreneurs so they can better market their businesses to ideal clients.
    • Began blogging my heart out to empower women life coaches, consultants, and other experts to understand who their dream clients are and how to create engaging content.
    • Self-published my Amazon #1 best seller, She Markets: A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs, so you can gain clarity about your dream clients and what content to create.

At the time, I fervently wanted more women to close the entrepreneurial earnings gap. And that’s still my biggest mission today.

If you’re with me, let’s get started. You can find marketing content creation lessons, tips, and step-by-step tutorials by hopping to my blog here.

I’m super happy you’re here.

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