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Cynthia Trevino is a marketing expert who teaches women entrepreneurs how to create content that makes their clients say “Wow, tell me more!”.

Cynthia is the author of Amazon #1 bestseller, She Markets: A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs.          In talks, Cynthia engages audiences with actionable takeaways and practical marketing steps using her 5-Step Client Clarity System, so they can grow their businesses by serving clients they love.

She inspires entrepreneurs to get excited about attracting dream clients (without feeling salesy!).

When not teaching, speaking, or coaching, Cynthia can be found searching for the perfect pasta and Cabernet pairing with her husband Jim and their energetic Shih Tzu, Bentley.

Speaking Topics


The 3 Keys to Create Content That Makes Clients Say: “Wow,Tell Me More!”

The content you create to connect with future dream clients fuels your business.

Yet with so many balls to juggle as a business owner, how do you consistently create content so you can grow your business?

The best news is you can create client-attracting content on the regular by following three key practical principles.

Cynthia’s presentation about getting (and staying) consistent with content creation shares these principles.

In an engrossing, engaging, and non-salesy style, Cynthia’s audiences learn how to:


    • Discover your own style for content creation
    • Develop mindful habits to become consistent and create content clients crave, without feeling all over the place
    • Get clear about who exactly you’re creating content to attract– dream clients–so you can share snippets of your expertise


Demystify Marketing: How to Fill Your Programs with Dream Clients 

Marketing is how we make client connections, improve people’s lives, and grow our businesses.

Your ideal clients need your expertise, now, more than ever before. Yet, marketing can feel outside of our comfort zone, for many business owners–at all experience levels.

Cynthia’s presentation shows audiences how to: 


    • Uncover the reasons marketing feels like a Mt. Everest-climb 
    • Learn Marketing Mindset tips, so you can enjoy taking client connection actions (and growing your business) 
    • Understand the one choice you MUST make to turn move yourself into the marketing comfort zone 

Cynthia’s presentation at our Summit kept our audience engaged. 

“She shared actionable takeaways about understanding ideal clients and saving time by repurposing content. Many in our audience felt they’d gotten clarity, inspiration, and practical steps about content and ideal clients. I highly recommend her as a speaker for entrepreneurial audiences.”

~ Craig Cannings, Co-Founder, Freelance University

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Students rave about her support, wisdom and kindness. 

“As a guest presenter during our Mindful & Meaningful Coach Certification course, Cynthia shares her proven marketing tips. Students rave about her support, wisdom, and kindness. I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia Trevino for women entrepreneurs.” 

~ Billie Frances, Founder, Guiding Mindful Change, NBC-HWC Certified