Are you a life or health coach who wants more dream clients to fill your programs?

Ever feel like you don’t know where to start, what to say in content, or how to be confident when marketing? Does your inner mean girl keep popping up? Is she saying, “You can’t post that!”, Or “That article/blog post isn’t good enough!”

To start with, as usual, your inner critic is totally wrong.

And if you’re feeling like this, you’re not alone–not by a mile. Tons of coaches and experts feel this way. (Let’s face it, we all have inner mean girls/critics.) And those pesky inner critics constantly lead us to overthink all our marketing actions.

The good news is that it’s possible to calm the inner mean girl voice and re-energize your marketing strategies. That way you can stop overthinking each piece of content and start seeing juicy success by connecting with more ideal clients. I promise you, it’s possible to energize your marketing mindset and fill your programs with more dream clients. 

My favorite way to feel more comfy about marketing and content creation is by reframing your marketing mindset. For starters, marketing doesn’t have to be icky, pushy, or salesy, no matter what your inner mean girl/critic says. It can be—and should be—a fun, creative process that allows you to share your gifts with the world (a.k.a. your dream clients) in a way that feels amazing to you. 

In this post, we’ll discuss how to gain confidence in creating content so you can connect with more of the right clients. Here’s the thing: in order to grow a profitable business, you need to connect with dream clients.

Maybe you’re like newly certified health and wellness coach *Hanna, who said…

“I’m struggling with marketing because I feel like I need to be an expert in everything before I can start sharing anything. And even then, what if people don’t want to hear from me? What if they think I’m just another health coach trying to sell them something?”

~ * Health Coach Hanna (not her real name).

Have you been where Hanna is? I sure have. When I started, I felt like it would bother people if I talked about my services—heck, I sometimes didn’t even mention that I was a marketing consultant because I didn’t want to take up too much space. Even at networking events. Sheesh! (That’s a story for another day.)

As we know, mindset is the foundation for everything we do to improve our lives and grow our businesses. The #1 and most crucial goal when refreshing your marketing mindset is to identify and overcome any mental roadblocks.

Your marketing mindset is where all client connections begin

Many women marketing their own businesses, expertise, and services struggle with meltdown-level mindsets about marketing to one degree or another. Some of us are challenged to boldly use our voices to speak up and be seen and heard in the world before we think we’re ready.

Often, as women solopreneurs, we have a harder time asking for what we want or deserve, whether that’s in our marketing content, on sales pages, or when negotiating quoting pricing with clients.

And still others of us doubt our ability to be successful at marketing and selling, thinking we don’t have enough experience, expertise, or credibility to enroll the clients we want to serve. {link to 7 strong steps post

Maybe we’re conflicted about speaking up to connect with our perfect clients when we meet them. Does any of this sound familiar?

Your marketing mindset roadblock may be how to sound enthusiastic, without feeling self-promotional, when talking with future clients about how you help people (just like them) achieve the outcomes they desire.

Pro-Tip: As a business owner, take every opportunity to invite future clients to take the next step, so you can bring them into your world.

What’s an example of “the next step”? 

  • Asking them to visit your website to discover more about you, finish reading your blog,
  • Click to your YouTube or podcast page and subscribe so they won’t miss your newest content,
  • Download your freebie (free resource sharing a bit of your expertise) and join your email community. 

One of the peskiest challenges new (and not-so-new) coaches face is marketing their services without feeling icky or salesy. Often, salesy feelings stem from our marketing mindset needing to be shifted.

3 Truths about marketing (and mindset)

If that’s you (it certainly was me when I started), to help shift your marketing mindset, I want to share three truths:

The first is that marketing is not selling. Selling is what you do when a client has already decided they want to work with (buy your services or program) you. In other words, you’ve already started a relationship with them. 

// Marketing is everything else—it’s creating awareness of who you are and what you do, and then helping people, but NOT all people. Only the folks who would be the best fit for working with you (dream clients).

The second truth is that marketing is not icky; it’s helpful. It’s not pushy; it’s educational. When providing value to people through your marketing content—whether that’s through a blog post, social media post, or email newsletter—you’re helping them. You are providing valuable information that they can use in their daily businesses or lives. 

Can you begin to think of marketing as “serving” in advance? Before folks become paying clients?

And finally, the third truth to be mindful of is…

Marketing is not a one-time event (gosh, I wish it were!). It’s something we need to do on a regular basis, even when we don’t feel like it, in order to make client connections on the regular.

Remember these three truths and you’ll be well on the way to feeling so intentional when marketing that you’re building relationships with potential clients. 

  • You’ll be marketing your beautiful socks off. 
  • You’ll effortlessly share tidbits about your services in a way that feels good to you–and attracts ideal clients.
  • Being mindful that marketing is not icky helps to create content that feels good to you. 

If those icky, pushy feelings arise, do this: imagine your favorite client in the world has just texted you…

She wants you to call ASAP because she must make a decision. She’s stuck. She needs your wisdom to help her think clearly so she can make the best choice at that moment. What do you say to her? Write that in your marketing content. Say that in a video.

Now let’s talk about how to gain confidence when creating content to connect with clients by shifting your marketing mindset.

One thing I’ve learned from coaches is that the best way to gain confidence is by taking baby steps. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of creating content, start small. Write one blog post each month or 3 paragraphs for your services website page.

That said, let’s unpack my favorite six strategies to reframe marketing mindsets. 

Best 6 Strategies to Energize Your Marketing Mindset 

// Remind yourself of the value you bring to clients

Becoming clear, and reminding yourself regularly, of the complete value you bring to clients is huge! It’s the meaty first step to *owning* your value as the expert you are and shoring up your confidence.

Ask and answer key questions about your value, so that you don’t lose sight of how much value clients and students gain from working with you. 

Start with these:

Which skills are self-taught? Are you good at writing, organizing, planning,

or helping people get grounded when they’re going through tough times?

How have you helped people—even if they haven’t paid you for it?

Did you help a friend plan their wedding, start a business, or get through a difficult time?

What are the specific results clients and students get from working with you?

Do they feel more confident, energized, clear, or calm?

What are your natural talents? Are you an epic listener, a great storyteller,

or do you ask the right questions at the right time to help clients focus and make progress?

Don’t forget to list awards, certifications, and accolades you’ve received. These also help remind you of the value you bring.

Answering these questions helps you to remember the value your clients and students benefit from. It’s important to keep this in mind, so that when your marketing mindset feels off-kilter, you can recall how you make a difference and why it’s worth it.

Let’s talk about “marketing mindset affirmations“; they’re short, powerful phrases to repeat to yourself when you need a reminder of marketing goals or why you’re doing this work.

Some examples of marketing mindset affirmations are:

  • I am marketing to attract my dream clients, so that I can serve and impact them in a big way.
  • My marketing is helpful, educational, and serves my ideal clients.
  • Marketing is an ongoing process that helps me build relationships with future clients.

Use journaling time to come up with your own marketing mindset affirmations, or use some of the examples above.


// Review your dream clients’ story

Do you have a story, description, profile, or summary of everything you know about your ideal clients? And no, a sticky note does not count as a dream clients’ story. If not, this is a useful thinking exercise to do. 

Not only will documenting their complete story help clarify who your ideal clients are, but you can also review it when you need a reminder of why marketing is important.

To attract more dream clients, ask these 10 questions to write their story:

  1. At heart, who are your ideal clients?
  2. What do they deeply desire?
  3. What are their biggest challenges?
  4. How will working with you help them achieve their goals?
  5. What is their typical day like? 
  6. What are their specific, pesky problems?
  7. What drives them up the wall? It could be a small or big problem they can’t seem to fix, or it could be something in their industry. their family, or the outside world.
  8. How do they close out their day? Do they journal? Are they super organized and set up their calendar for the next day? Pack their kids’ lunches in advance? Do they zone out to their fave Spotify playlist?
  9. What are their can’t miss shows/books/media they’re diving into when they need a break?
  10. What are they tired of seeing? What makes them switch away from the screen or feel like ranting?

When answering these questions about dream clients, you’re tapping into their lives, the heart of their pain points, and what they want to achieve. 

A deep dive into your clients’ worldview prepares you to create content that speaks to them because it’s coming from a place of understanding and empathy. My point is this: it helps you stop overthinking.

And finally, don’t forget your “why.”

Your marketing should always be connected back to your “why.” 

  • Why did you start your business in the first place? 
  • What precise problems did you start the business to solve? 
  • What could you not stand seeing in your industry that led you to become an entrepreneur?
  • Who did you most want to serve when starting the business?

Once your ideal client’s story is written out, keep it in a place where you can review it when writing anything for your business. This could be on your computer, in Google Drive, in a marketing notebook, saved on Evernote, or another app.

When you review your ideal client’s story, it helps to reframe your marketing mindset as a way to serve people rather than simply a task you don’t love doing (yet).

Because at heart you intend to be of service, therefore marketing is an ongoing process of building relationships with future clients.

// Connect with more dream clients by refreshing your curiosity 

While being curious about ideal clients is a must-have trait for being a coach or serving clients in any capacity, it’s also hugely valuable for managing your marketing mindset.  

Curiosity is one of the top ten qualities for coaches, according to legendary coach and business expert Brian Tracy. 

“Cultivate Curiosity: Curiosity fosters your ability to ask questions of your clients that help them understand their own feelings and how they impact their success.” (Source)

The sparkling news? Curiosity also helps you to re-ignite your marketing mindset!

Just think about it: you likely decided to become a coach because you knew you could support and empower people going through the same types of challenges you’ve overcome. Keep this in mind when you’re feeling resistant to putting your marketing strategies to work.

Marketing your business isn’t about you. It’s about sharing your expertise in a way that focuses on your ideal clients’ dreams and desires. 

To keep your marketing strategies and client content firmly focused on dream clients, stay on top of the issues they’re struggling with at this moment. 

When talking with your clients, have a few questions at the ready, so you can refresh your curiosity about where clients are finding roadblocks.

// Rekindle your empathy for your clients’ situations 

A key marketing mindset strategy is focusing intently on the plight of your potential clients. Put aside your fears and hesitations about self-promoting. Your job is to communicate—in the style that’s authentic for you—that you “get” your ideal clients. When your all-consuming goal is to convey clearly and completely that you understand their situation, there’s little time to dwell on your fears, doubts, or uncertainties.

Pro-tip: the best marketing content causes your dream clients to say, “Tell me more!”

Empathy can’t be underemphasized, especially when marketing. It’s an incredibly important quality for a successful woman in business. Because, as you know, empathy allows you to put yourself in your client’s shoes and deeply “hear” their needs. By practicing empathy, you’re able to not only help clients uncover their own solutions, but also you easily get into flow and create content that they resonate with. 

In the end, dream clients are folks who you feel empathy for because you 100% understand their situation. They are also usually people who you would enjoy working with.

Once you’re able to remind yourself that you can quickly see the world through your dream clients’ eyes and understand their needs, you’ll be able to quickly reset your marketing mindset. This allows you to build trust with clients when you’re connecting with them online with your content or in real life when you meet them.

// To keep connecting with dream clients, rewrite your content roadmap

Wait, what? My content roadmap? Well, let’s first do a quick summary about how to rewrite a content roadmap.

Since you want to connect with—not just any clients—but with your dream clients, then be intentional about the content you create.

You simply cannot wake up on any given Monday, open the computer and expect the perfect content topic will pop into your head. Why can I say that? Because I’ve tried it. Many times, sadly.

Please learn from my missteps. Choose any type of document you like, or find a calendar page, and plan out the topics you’ll create content around.

Start here to find content roadmap topics:

  • What questions do clients always ask you?
  • What questions aren’t being answered by other experts in your field?
  • What industry mis-information can your correct?
  • What are your dream clients’ top 5-8 most urgent problems?
  • What do clients not ask you (but they should ask you)?
  • How can you recommend baby steps clients can take?
  • Which answers can you share to build trust and credibility with future clients?
  • What anonymous short stories can you share to brighten someone’s day?

Related: Want more details about how to create content your dream clients will love? Check out this post, click here.

// Reschedule your marketing actions and attract more dream clients

This one is easy-breezy. Pop open your calendar for the next 30 days and decide when you’re going to implement marketing tasks. Next, type or pencil them in.

Be sure to include:

~ Time to brainstorm topics your dream clients will love

~ Days to complete rough drafts

~ Times you will show up on social media to connect with dream clients 

// Final thoughts

You’ve done the hard work of understanding your dream clients and their urgent problems. You’ve brainstormed marketing actions and gotten organized about the content to create. 

Now it’s time to pat yourself on the back and get excited about all the great content you’re going to create and share. The more your amazing content inspires, educates, and energizes ideal clients, the more dream clients you’ll attract. 

Keep your marketing mindset focused on creating value for dream clients and you’ll stop overthinking and instead make client connections with folks you love serving. 

Whenever making client connections, marketing your services, or content creation is on the calendar, picture all of the amazing clients you’re going to serve. You’ve so got this!

P.S. What about our friend Health Coach Hanna? She got super-intentional, calmed her marketing mindset and created content just for her dream client. You can do the same!

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