When it comes to which actions to focus on so you can attract dream clients, do you throw up your hands?

Does it feel like your client attraction results aren’t moving the needle?

I hear you! Rest assured, you’re not alone.

Today, we’re talking about the 6 actions to focus on when you decide to become intentional about attracting ideal clients like a CEO.

Why you want to attract dream clients like a CEO

Why like a CEO? Because CEOs are women who’ve committed to making the impact they had in mind when they started their businesses.

In lockstep with impact, a CEO is all about growing her business, earning the income she wants, and fully implementing the actions it takes to achieve her goals.

Here’s the thing, CEOs take business tools like goal setting, content planning, scheduling content creation each week, and client engagement actions, and they use them over and over.

In fact, if CEO-business-tools were sponges, they’d be shredded by the time she was done!

Look, I understand if you’re a solopreneur and haven’t yet wrapped your head around how big you want your business to be. And if, at the moment, you’re doing okay with finding clients via in person networking and referrals.

Wherever you are in your business, it’s exactly the right place for you.

Yet, my mission is to educate and inspire you to stretch. By expanding your vision of what’s possible for your business, you can grow your client list, earn your dream income, and serve more of the people you started your business to help in the first place. Sound good? Great!

One valuable method to do that is: sharing your expertise and experience online with original content, so you can connect with more potential clients. That way, you can supplement your current offline client attraction activities.

Reality is, having your original content online provides you with a ginormous list of benefits. This is a topic I love to talk about so if you want more about advantages for your business, check out this post.

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While there are tons, here are three advantages of creating / posting your unique content on your website.

That way, your expertise and your view of problem solving is easily found by:

  • Potential clients who are referred to you, and google your name or your business
  • Referral partners who want to understand more about your services before sending potential clients to you
  • Prospective clients you’ve met at live events, who want to check out your website to get a better handle on who you are and the services you offer

And more.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

ACTION #1) Shift your marketing mindset so you can attract dream clients.

For today’s exercise, let’s say you’re going to make bringing in more ideal clients your #1 priority for the next 90 days. Good on you! As you know, it all starts with mindset.

What marketing mindset checks should you make?

Here are 3 areas you want to make sure you consider to determine which mindset shifts you intend to make:

  • Re-setting your income goals. When looking at the income you want to make over the next year (or quarter), break it down by your specific packages, programs, products, and services. That way, you’ll easily see if your offers are on track to bring in the amount you want to earn.
  • Blocking out time. You’ll need to commit to the right amount of time to accomplish your client attraction goals. While maintaining your ongoing commitments to family, self-care, and current clients. Whew, right?!
  • Choosing marketing activities and actions to dump. This is a favorite of mine. While you’re an amazing CEO, business owner, entrepreneur, mom, expert, friend, and partner—you still have only 24 hours a day.
When you commit to strong client attraction goals and adopt actions to implement them, first re-evaluate EVERYTHING you’re doing now. That way, you can dump low-value actions and free up time for high-value actions. Click To Tweet

It’s all for this, so you make valuable time available for your new high priority actions. Those that help you accelerate your business growth.

What current marketing actions aren’t paying off for you? Are there ongoing events or groups that you’re spending time on, yet aren’t resulting in new clients, new prospects or new partnerships?

In the past two years, I’ve reclaimed a ton of time by eliminating networking groups that were no longer a fit for growing my business. Honestly, these were hard decisions for me. I’d remained loyal to a couple of groups and lost sight of assessing whether they were still right for my business. Despite the enjoying knowing the great women who were members, I felt freer after disengaging with groups that didn’t help me achieve current goals.

ACTION #2) Choose the specific ideal clients you want in the next 90 days.

And choose the exact services, packages, or programs you want to offer them. That way, you’re keeping both the specific dream clients you want and how you’ll serve them—top of mind when re-working your client attraction actions.

If you need to brush-up on your ideal client, here’s a link to a step-by-step set of worksheets to help you master knowing them: Know Your Ideal Client in 5 Essential Steps 

ACTION #3) Commit to engaging with your potential clients in new ways.

Yep, I want you to add some strong client connection practices to your toolbox.

First, you’ll want to review and assess how you’re attracting clients now. Then, decide which actions you want to change or replace.

      • Today, are your client efforts limited to in person networking and referrals? Want to change that?
      • Are you building / nurturing your email list of prospective clients with original content?
      • Are you creating and publishing a weekly blog post, podcast, or video show? If not, do you want to?
      • Are you relying on social media connections such as Facebook groups or business page?
      • Which of these activities are you doing regularly?
      • Which are resulting in the most future client relationships?
      • Which actions do you want to add to your weekly client attraction efforts?

Keep in mind, these marketing actions are methods you use to build trust with your audience of future clients.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Creating educational content and sharing your expertise, on the regular, is a proven trust and relationship builder.” quote=”Creating educational content and sharing your expertise, on the regular, is a proven trust and relationship builder.” theme=”style2″]

Also, these are juicy journaling topics you may want to drill down on, so you clarify what actions you want to put your best energy behind.

Promise me this, you won’t be passive about your client attraction work. It’s vital to how you show up for your people, so they know you for the expert you are and you can start and build relationships with them.

How are you doing? I hope this is sparking ideas, plans, and actions you want to commit to! Let’s keep going.

Attract Dream Clients | She Markets Mentor Pin

ACTION #4) Do a brain dump of content topics to captivate your ideal clients.

To prepare for your brain dump (brainstorm), move away from your office and get comfy in your fave chair, or if you have a spot outside. That way, you won’t be distracted by social media or your inbox.

Next, turn your topics list into a content plan so you have ready-made ideas for the content you’ll create.

Make sure your topics for blog posts, podcasts, or video shows are ridiculously relevant and enticing to the specific clients you’re looking to attract.

Be sure to choose subjects / topics that get you excited about sharing and that also:

  1. Answer the exact questions, your dream clients are asking themselves right now.
  2. Share baby steps to move them toward solutions to pain points you help them solve.
  3. Inspire and educate dream clients on what’s possible for them after they work with you to solve their giant, pesky problems.

Want more info about coming up with topics? Great, here’s a link to a post about how to choose content topics that have your dream clients saying, “Wow, she gets me!”

ACTION #5) Make a summary of your new client attraction system.

You may ask, what’s a new client attraction system? I’ve got you, your system takes whatever form works for you. To be clear, your ‘system’ is a page of client attraction and relationship nurturing actions you’re committed to taking.

Using whatever tool works for you, Google docs, a spreadsheet or even a journal, document your new actions to attract dream clients.

ACTION #6) Calendar new actions so you’re committed and on schedule.

This is the easy-peasy part! It’s the action that cements your commitment, as the CEO, to growing your business with clients you love serving.

All you have to do is grab your favorite paper-planner or open your digital version. Then, enter the dates / times you’ll devote to your 90-day client attraction system.

Be sure to include:

  • An hour or so, to evaluate current activities and decide which ones you’ll dump because they’re not serving your business growth goals.
  • Time to refresh your description of your dream clients. Pull out your ideal client ‘story’ and review it. Set aside at least 2-3 time slots to update (or create) the written description of your ideal clients. (If you need it, here’s a tool I created.)
  • ‘Thinking time’ to brainstorm original, compelling content topics you’ll create to help build relationships with your dream clients.

Final thoughts

Because it’s my mission to inspire and educate you about how to attract dream clients so you can nature relationships with them and grow your business, thinking like a CEO is crucial. You know, I’m rooting for you so you can make the impact you want to make and earn the income you deserve.

Consider the successful CEO:

She takes a long term view of growing her business.

She cultivates relationships with the right clients.

She nurtures her future clients  by creating and publishing educational content, each week.

She’s building a client roster and business to impact her clients’ lives and businesses.

She works with goal setting, content planning, and committing to client attraction actions–like there’s no tomorrow.

Just like you.

You got this!

~ Cynthia


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