Every time she checked her email list results, Randi felt deflated. When she scrolled through her social feeds, it wasn’t pretty.

Problem was, hardly any potential clients were engaging with her content.

That meant, she was stuck in a state of throwing spaghetti (blog / social posts) against the wall, and crossing her fingers that her words would somehow, magically (?) connect with her audience.

Finally, she concluded that wishing and hoping wasn’t a strategy that would work any longer.

Randi’s fave part of her business is working one-on-one with clients. Doing marketing? Not so much. But one day, she grudgingly admitted to herself, “Okay, I’m tired of this. It’s time to *get serious* about marketing.”

Here’s the thing: it was the exact way, new clients say to her…

“I’m tired of being frustrated. I’m ready to get serious about solving this years-long problem. And I want a plan. I need your expertise.”

In that moment, Randi decided to treat herself like she treated her life coaching clients.

  • She chose to become intentional about what she put out into the world.
  • She whipped out her very own client worksheets from her coaching program.
  • Yes, the very documents she created with expertise, care, and love for her clients!

Amazing, right?

  • The checklists that kept her clients on the path as they worked through their resistance.
  • The tools that helped them learn large and small habits and skills.
  • Randi’s path to becoming intentional about marketing to her specific, ideal clients started when she took her own expert advice.

As a result, she re-committed to inspiring her clients. Each marketing content project became a labor of love. She began to enjoy creating content to attract the coaching clients she most wanted.

Steadily, Randi’s email list and client roster grew.

Let me ask you, how can you become more intentional about bringing in your dream clients?

Ask yourself these client content creation questions:

  1. What’s the biggest, most time-consuming practice I’m doing today, that isn’t working for me?
  2. What am I avoiding when it comes to daily/weekly work to attract more clients?
  3. What am I willing to stop doing, in order to free up time and energy to assemble my client generation system?

Journal your answers. You must write them down, I promise you’ll discover so much more about your mindset!

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Next, try these content creation tips to help you along the way.


Tip #01) Be Nancy Drew. Investigate and deeply understand your dream clients’ situation: What are their deepest dreams? Where are they stuck? What are their exact pain points? That way, you can consistently create content about what’s keeping them from achieving their highest aspirations. Bonus, you won’t waste your valuable time on content that’s not urgently important to your awesome-est clients!

Tip #02) Commit to a content creation schedule. Decide how often you’ll create fresh content, and share it with your email list or listeners. Weekly is best. Yep, weekly. That way, you can stay top of mind when your ideal clients and students are ready to make the transformations you offer them.

Tip #03) Pre-plan topics your perfect clients will love. To keep yourself from dreading (procrastinating about) the task of creating content 4 times a month, maintain a list of topics you’re going to blog or podcast about. You can keep your content ideas in your journal, Google docs, post-it notes, voice notes on your smart phone, or on a napkin. The point here is, make it a habit to capture your ideas for lessons, tips, tactics, and strategies you want to share with your audience.

Tip #04) Your calendar is your new best friend. Do you want to make sure you don’t slide into skipping content creation for a few weeks? Make this easy for yourself, schedule your content creation time on your calendar.

Tip #05) Boost your mindset. Give your brain a specific goal. Decide how many new clients, students, or email subscribers you want in the next 60 days.

Tip #06) Reframe your view of marketing. Here’s another mindset tip: not wild about marketing yourself? Shift your mindset. You’re not *marketing*. You’re educating potential clients about what’s possible for them. I want you to hear this one, so let me repeat it: marketing is really nothing more than letting your ideal clients, who don’t know you yet, who you are and how you help them.

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Tip #07) Create content for your *one*. Refresh your perfect client description. What have you learned about them in the last 3 months? Think back over your client and prospect interactions. What’s shifting for them? What are they grappling with today? Add to, or revise the story you’ve written about your dream clients.

Tip #08) Get excited about sharing your knowledge! That’s what marketing’s all about, right?Yes, it is. I know you’re a caring, heart-centered, mission driven entrepreneur. Keep in mind, marketing is serving first. When you serve first, you’re educating your audience, not marketing to them.

Tip #09) Set your intention to spend time each week on creating content to attract your dream clients. Or, which ever frequency you’ve chosen. If you intend to create and share your content two times each month, that’s a good start. Be purposeful about creating and sharing your expertise with future clients.

Brain dumps are one of my favorite content creation things to do.


Tip #10) Do a brain dump of all your content ideas. This is one of my favorite tasks: brain dumps. I love this exercise! Why? In my experience, you’ll come up with the juiciest, innovative ideas when you simply start writing. But first, turn off all distractions. It’s a no-brainer, when you focus for a brief time, you can *hear* so much of what you already know about your dream clients and their struggles.

      • Set the timer on your phone for 20 minutes.
      • Then, write, and this is important: don’t edit!
      • Just keep writing till your 20 minutes are up.

Promise you’ll try this, it’s so fun. You’ll likely come up with enough topics, subjects and ideas to last at least 60 days. Maybe even 90 days!

Tip #11) Set yourself and your environment up for content creation success. Find the spot in your home, office, library, coffee shop, outdoor park, or favorite co-working space that makes it easiest to create content. Mine’s a comfy chair in our family room next to a window. I love it because it’s a break from my desk. During the day no one else is there and it’s super quiet. 

Make it a place that is relaxing, quiet, and inspiring. Calendar your time to spend there. Make it a ritual. You’ll love it!

Tip #12) Batch your content creation. Draft as many pieces of content as you can in one sitting. Or in one visit to the library, nearby park, local coffee shop, or co-working space. Try to *draft* at least three blog posts or outlines at a time. If you can do only, two, no worries. You’ll get better at batch-producing content as you go along!

Tip #13) Set aside time to assemble your content tools. Avoid trying to write, edit, find pictures for blog posts and upload your post all in one sitting. Trust me, it’s exhausting and so not fun when you’re rushing to do it all at once.

    • If you use a virtual assistant, delegate the image selection and posting the blog draft on your site.
    • Or editing your podcast audio and a draft of the show notes with all the links on your blog.
    • If your budget doesn’t yet allow for an assistant, choose your images during your relaxing time—like binge watching /re-watching your fave Netflix shows.


Tip #14) Buy a calendar just for your content planning. If you’re all about keeping everything in the cloud, set up a spreadsheet in Google docs. Whether it’s digital or good old fashioned paper, your commitment level will soar when you have the right tool for your content creation.

Tip #15) Choose the creation method that works best for you. To get your initial blog post draft or podcast outline out of your head, try what’s most comfortable for you. Is it easier for you to talk into your phone and record your content? Do you do better by writing your rough draft by hand?

Tip #16) Design your content topics based on your offers for the next 90 days. Are you getting ready to launch a new webinar, live event, retreat, workshop or digital course? Actually, that makes choosing your content topics easy peasy.

Tip #17)  Get inspired by re-reading client emails and messages. Now this is a simple tactic that’s easy to forget, scan your treasure trove of client messages.

      • What pesky questions do clients  ask you over and over?
      • Which issues torture them constantly?
      • What do they NOT ask you, that you know they need to understand?

There, you have rich fodder for blog, video or podcast topics. They’ll ask you, “Tell me more!”

Have to say, I’m so excited for what you’ll do after you’ve committed to your new content creation intentions!



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