She Markets
A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

5 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients,
Make More Money + Have More Impact

Do you avoid marketing your business, because it makes you feel salesy?

Would you like to create marketing content so that clients fall in love with you and you can grow your business? Without staring at a blank screen for two hours?

She Markets:
A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

5 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients, Make More Money + Have More Impact

As an expert, coach, or author, isn’t it frustrating to be uncertain about how to ‘talk’ to ideal clients in your marketing content?

You’re not alone. Not by a mile—I’ve so been there.

If you’re tired of struggling with how to understand and attract your ideal clients, so you can make the impact you want…

Then this book is for you.

Then this book is for you.

If you’re ready to create content that makes clients fall in love with you–so you can bring in more clients and grow your business–
you must read this book now.

How I hated marketing myself…

When I first became an instant, overnight solopreneur—after a massive corporate downsizing— I made every marketing mistake you can think of. I used industry jargon that my ideal clients didn’t care about. I talked too much about my services. I didn’t tap into specific problems my ideal clients wanted to solve. And to top it off, I resisted doing marketing or creating educational content to attract and help future clients.

In short, I hated marketing myself. And, here’s the funny (sad) part: in corporate America I was a marketer!

After finally learning how to shift my own mindset, understanding exactly who my ideal clients were, and how to create content they cared about, I got comfortable in my own marketing skin. And I want the same for you. So, to save you time and make it easy peasy, I put my 5-Step Client Clarity System into She Markets, the book.

Imagine yourself…
… feeling confident about the exact content topics your dream clients want to read, watch, listen to.
…whipping up marketing materials that connect with clients you want to serve—without struggling.
…knowing the specific problems to talk about in your content, because you now understand your perfect clients better than anyone in your field.
…adopting practical ways to create your marketing content without all the overwhelm and stress.
…finding templates to help you write catchy titles and headlines your clients will love.
And more!

Your marketing content roadmap

She Markets provides a step-by-step roadmap so you can become confident and certain about who exactly are the ideal clients that you love serving. What’s more, my system shows you how to create content so you can build the know-like-and-trust factor with your audience of fans, friends, followers, future clients, customers, and students.

Ten things this book will teach you…

1. Common sense, step-by-step strategies to bring more ideal clients into your business

2. How to stop struggling with marketing so you can fill your business with clients you love

3. Why you must focus on your perfect clients when marketing your business

4. How to plan your marketing content so you connect with your dream clients

5. How to craft content so it speaks directly to your ideal clients

6. Practical advice so you no longer feel salesy when marketing your business

7. How to write catchy headlines + subject lines so clients dive into your content

8. A no-nonsense approach to marketing and attracting your ideal clients

9. Meaningful exercises to help you market your business

10. Marketing mindset shifts so you know the best way to offer your value to potential clients

Business and Life Coaches | She Markets Mentor

What readers say…

As a voracious student/teacher of the law of attraction and visioning, I am excited to find She Markets is a step by step program to help me hone my marketing mindset, create my perfect client profile, and do the work to start attracting these ideal customers into my life and business. Cynthia really knows her clients and marketing. I am grateful I attracted She Markets into my life. I would love to dive deeper into this guide and work one on one with Cynthia.

Laurel T. Colins

The Beautiful Living Coach

She Markets is a clear, powerful, comprehensive guide for women entrepreneurs. Loved the easy to use format, relevant examples, step-by-step formulas and excellent exercises. I appreciate the author’s generous guidance delivered in a supportive, organized and friendly style. Thank you for your partnership on my journey!

Billie Frances

Guiding Mindful Change

As an entrepreneur who works with women, I’ve always been a bit baffled by the plethora of books, courses, etc., on marketing. Most are overly complex, making their information veritably inaccessible to me. I’m grateful to Cynthia Trevino of She Markets, for making her wealth of knowledge available in such an easy format. Her well organized book is filled with tangible tools and tips that make what used to be overwhelming and confusing, simple to access. Her stories make it easy to for me to relate the marketing concepts to my business. I especially appreciate her chapter on identifying my ideal client, as that’s exactly the info I needed!

Karen Solomon

Relationship & Style Makeovers