Create content that inspires dream clients to say, “Wow, tell me more!”

(Without feeling all-over-the-place.)



You want to make connections with clients who are happy to pay for your services, like other coaches seem to be doing.

You want to stop spinning your wheels trying to figure it out on your own, what is the right content so your ideal clients are excited to work with you.

You know you have the expertise to help clients become the better people they desire, but you can’t seem to get consistent with content so you can get out there and engage with your people.

You’re juggling lots of balls. And it’s been that way forever. You keep hearing about posting on social media, blogging, podcasting, and updating your website. You agree these are sound strategies, yet you want an expert to show you how to make the whole content creation process easier.

You know your work will change clients’ lives + businesses. But every time you go on social media, or stare at a blank screen trying to think of content topics, you feel overwhelmed, like you’re wasting time getting your business going.


You want to do more of what matters to you. You just need a little help.


You’re not alone! I know exactly how you feel.

The truth is:

You’ve realized that your business doesn’t ‘just happen’.

Because creating the right content and getting it out so the right clients see it, requires that you set your intentions and identify your smartest ways to create content. That way, you can make more connections with the amazing clients you want to serve.

You’re looking for the most impactful way to create content that connects with the clients you’ve been dreaming about, faster.

You want to stop wasting time creating all kinds of content, hoping to see what works. Instead, it’d be great if you could hone in on content that makes connections with your specific clients.

Bottom line: You want to share your unique expertise in content that gets you talking to dream clients—without becoming a marketing expert.


You’re in the right place!

I’m Cynthia

I teach life coaches, experts + consultants how to get 100% clear on their ideal clients, market to make connections, and create the right content so you can grow your business with clients you love.

(Without the overwhelm, self-doubt, and second-guessing.)

I help you cut through the noise, so you can create content that gets the results you’re looking for. Together, we’ll identify the right type of content that your future clients will love.

Billie Frances – Guiding Mindful Change

Cynthia knows marketing for women! Her expertise has enriched my coach certification business and has helped launch successful coaching practices for our students. As a guest presenter during our Mindful & Meaningful Coach Certification course, Cynthia shares her unique and proven marketing tips. Students rave about her support, wisdom and kindness. I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia Trevino for women entrepreneurs ready to clarify their ideal clients, improve their marketing messaging and powerfully move their lives and businesses forward.

Joanne Connell Flexible Work Solutions

Joanne Connell, Ph. D. – Flexible Work Solutions

I used to struggle to find content for my blogs and marketing, but now it’s so easy! I highly recommend working with Cynthia — she’s a true expert in content creation and communicating “how to” for people (like me) who aren’t marketing experts.

Gina Peccia – Licensed Professional Counselor 

Cynthia was such a valuable resource when creating my new website! I was struggling with narrowing down my content and Cynthia was both talented and concise. She explained the reasoning behind her recommended changes, and this allowed for both a successful message and my own learning!! I highly recommend her!

What would it feel like to…


Wake up each day, knowing what content you’re going to create to make more client connections?

Finally understand how to identify your ideal clients, so your content talks to the clients you want to serve?

Feel certain about what content to share on social media, so you can make more connections with potential clients?

Be confident about who your ideal clients are and how to create content for them (with a weekly roadmap)?

How to know if Marketing Coaching is for you…


Are you stuck in the *getting started* phase with your content?

Do you avoid posting on social media because you don’t know what topics your dream clients are interested in?

Want to engage dream clients online, but feel uncertain about what kinds of content they care about?

Do you wonder if your content is *good enough* to post on social media?

I help you get unstuck by teaching you how to gain clarity about your ideal clients, so you can create content for them with confidence. And, without becoming a market expert!

I teach you how to create content your clients will love because you need to become clear about your next best marketing actions. Let’s get you into marketing action, without the overwhelm, uncertainty and second-guessing.

So, what exactly is a Marketing Coaching Session? 

In your Marketing Coaching Session, I help you identify key content creation building blocks. That way, your dream clients are on the edge of their seats ready to buy whatever you’re offering. Examples include:

  • How to better know your ideal clients, so they find your content and say, “Wow, she gets me!”
  • What kind of content to create so you can save time, frustration, and make connections with ideal clients.
  • How to create content, so it doesn’t drain your time and you can speak directly to clients you want to reach.
  • How to get started (re-started) blogging so you can stay top-of-mind with clients who want your services.
  • Ways to plan your content so you can create and share consistently, without spreading yourself thin on what doesn’t work.
  • Find ways to be consistent with your content instead of disappearing from social media for days (weeks).
  • What to say on website pages, so visitors understand that you’re the coach for them.
  • What to do  stop doing) so you can become consistent with content creation and bring in a steady stream of clients.

Map out your steps to get unstuck with creating content and marketing consistently, so you can grow your business with clients you love.

What would it feel like… 

As an expert in your own field, to know that you don’t have to become a marketing guru in order to create content that connects with the clients you want to serve?

To feel as confident about attracting clients as you do about coaching them?


What would your life look like if you could create content that helps you make connections with the people you can empower with your expertise? Your gifts?

Who is a marketing coaching session for?


This session is for you if:

  • You know that marketing is about making connections with the right clients, yet you’re feeling stuck.
  • You’ve already spent hours trying to write great content, and are still waiting to come up with the perfect content to share with potential clients.
  • You struggle to come up with ideas, end up scrolling aimlessly on Facebook, doubting yourself, and feeling frozen.
  • You’re uncertain which set of ideal clients you want to serve first—you can do so many things!
  • You’re not sure what all you could do with your content, after you’ve created it.
  • You’re at a loss about what content to create, so you avoid updating your website, or blog.
  • It seems overwhelming to engage with potential clients on social media.

How does the marketing coaching session work?

  • It’s a 60-minute, 1-on-1 phone or zoom or phone call with me.
  • During the session, you ask questions to learn lessons and uncover roadblocks. That way, you can create marketing and content that engages and makes connections with your ideal clients without wasting time and effort.
  • You get a recording of your session, so you can listen later and not take as many notes during your live call.