Do you wish you knew how to create content consistently so you can engage coaching clients?

You’re in good company…

“Julianna”, who’d recently become a certified life coach, shared her frustrations about the ups and downs of starting a new practice and coaching website. 

While she wasn’t wild about maintaining a coaching website and updating it regularly, Julianna gets that it helps her develop client relationships.

She knew about learning the tech side of growing her business online, but hadn’t expected the marketing to be so involved. 

Julianna explained a realization that many new life coaches encounter, 

The business doesn’t just happen.

She realized she’d have to do marketing, content creation, engaging on social media–just for starters.

One piece of her new coaching business that she was overwhelmed by was how to create content consistently, so she could show up and share on social media. Yeah, so social media.

You may feel for her on this one: she knows social media is necessary to build a life coaching business today, and yet she isn’t a fan.

Can you relate? I sure can!

Does coming up with the right content topics slip to the bottom of your marketing actions (most days)?

If you’re avoiding creating the amazing content you know will engage your future clients because…

Maybe you’re uncertain about what topics your ideal health coaching clients are “really” interested in?

You’re not sure how to create the content your dream clients will actively engage with on social media…

You feel at a loss for how to create content that inspires future clients to like, share, and comment on it on social media. Not to mention, (the holy grail) message you in the DM’s of Instagram, right? 

You want to learn how to create content and which precise topics will inspire future clients to take the actions that make your marketing efforts worthwhile. 

You’d love to have engagement on Facebook: clicks to your website, experience your audience jumping joyfully into your opt-in box, signing up for your list, and gobbling up every juicy morsel of your weekly emails, wouldn’t you?

Whoa, that’s the kind of marketing results you’re looking for, am-I-right?! Gotta say, I’m 100% with you on loving these kinds of results.

Let me remind you, you’re not alone! All of us coaches, consultants, educators, and women starting one of these businessesare searching for this marketing gold.

So, shall we unpack how to become consistent with keeping your content interesting to clients and replenished for your business? Great, let’s dive into my 5 practical steps:

How To Create Content Like A Boss So You Can Show Up & Engage Coaching Clients

Because you’re a purpose-driven, intentional business owner, you want to set a firm foundation for the clients you want to serve. We’ll call it your dream client strategy. Next, if your dream clients don’t know about you it’s going to be tough for them to follow you on social media, listen to your podcast, visit your website, read your blog posts, or discover your coaching services. So, let’s nip that puppy in the bud with Step #1.

Step 1) Own your client strategy + your content strategy

In this awesome step to help you be a boss about your clients and content, you’ll make 3 audacious decisions!

Decision #1) Who is the top dream client you want to serve?

This marketing strategy decision’s huge; it’s impossible to create compelling content if you don’t know your ideal clients better than anyone in your coaching niche. 

Your dream client is motivated to work with a coaching expert like you, shares your values, and refers other great clients (just like her) to you.

Once you know your right-fit clients, you’ll be super familiar with their audacious goals, passionate dreams, searing pain points, and urgent problems they’re sick and tired of. 

Doing this deep client-understanding work places you on a whole new, captivating level. 

You’ll stand apart from the other surface-dwelling target-market folks that serve clients like yours, doing what you do.

Happily, with a fierce understanding of your clients it’s easy to create gutsy, meaty content that snaps them out of the stupor of their humdrum day.

Here’s the second colossal bonus you’ll enjoy:

Future clients will feel *seen and heard* when absorbing your content, because you took the time to walk in their shoes.

Here’s a post that shares more about how you can set yourself apart in your marketing, by getting clear on the specific clients who get the best results from your work: click here to learn from Chad’s dream client story.


Questions to ask yourself as you choose your dream clients…

  • Who are your biggest coaching client successes?
  • As a coach, who are you excited to work with?
  • Who are the clients that share your worldview and values?
  • Which clients collaborate with you so you can help them achieve the results they desire?
  • Who is motivated, excited to do the work, and *ready* to follow your guidance?
  • Which type of clients get the best results? 
  • Can you list clients who don’t quibble over your coaching fees and pay on time?
  • Who respects your role as a business owner with multiple responsibilities and shows up on time?
  • Who refers other wonderful coaching clients to you?
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Decision #2) What job do you want your content to do?

This is a powerful business decision. After all, your content is a remarkable marketing strategy because it helps you engage and connect with new coaching clients.

That means, you want to set your content’s marketing job so that it moves you closer to your next business goal.

Do you want your content to:

  • Build your credibility as life coach on social media? 
  • Empower your audience so they feel great and trust you even more?
  • Entice potential coaching clients on social media to visit your website? 
  • Increase your email subscribers?

Before creating any piece of content–a blog, podcast, webpage, or social media post–make a choice. Based on the job you want the content to do, will it inspire your audience. Will it make them feel uplifted? 

Will your blog article present your expertise, by educating them with a few small steps toward solving a painful problem? 

Or, will you share details of your upcoming program that’s designed to help people just like them?

Once you determine your goal upfront, writing or recording your content becomes easier. Consider, what do you want this marketing piece to do, so you can bring potential clients into your world?

Decision #3) How much time are you committing to your *content creation process*?

What doesn’t get scheduled, doesn’t get done. 

You must treat yourself, your marketing and business goals with the same intention you apply to caring for coaching clients! Looking at your other life and business commitments, determine how much time you can devote to your content creation process.

It’s time to dip into your favorite productivity hacks! In the past, when you needed to find space and time to accomplish a new goal, what did you do?

  • Tap into whatever worked for you before, when you had to accommodate a new project.
  • Dump all actions (habits) you’re doing each week that aren’t resulting in new client relationships. 
  • Remind yourself of 5 ways you positively impact clients, because content is how they find you.
  • In addition to earning income, what do you love about working with your clients?

Now that you’ve made a conscious choice to *own* your content marketing, business growth, and ideal client strategy, go deeper.

For your next decision, let’s talk about what exactly are the pain points, problems, and frustrations your clients struggle with. Because, as a life coach that becomes your north star for all marketing decisions and when creating content around issues clients search for.

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Step 2) Get super clear about how to create content coaching clients want

When scrolling on social media, your potential clients, are laser focused on content that helps them solve painful ongoing problems. 

You’ve heard of WIIFM? It stands for “What’s in it for me?” and that’s the question your clients have on their minds when they’re online. Scrolling through their inbox. Thumbing through social media feeds. Searching on Google for help with long-standing problems. 

Truth is, potential clients will tune out all the noise (Topics that don’t speak to what’s top-of-mind for them).

Your marketing goal is: be sure that when dream clients find your content, they can instantly answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Your best action for getting clear on what content your clients want is to determine what their urgent problems are. Are your clients consumed with….

  • Switching to a more meaningful career or job?
  • Finding harmony between parenting/home life and work?
  • Growing their business so they can have a bigger impact?
  • Flourishing in spite of long standing health issues?
  • Improving family relationships 

Once you’ve outlined the categories of problems your life coach clients want to solve, now organize each category into fascinating topics they’ll relate to in a heartbeat. Let’s dive into how to do that.

Step 3) Turn clients’ toxic problems into brilliant content topics

Whether you’re building a new health coaching business or restarting content for an ongoing life coaching practice, you want to be clear on the painful issues clients agonize over. 

It’s the foundation for implementing a solid marketing strategy. Here’s the thing, you’ll use your future clients’ urgent pain points in a ton of ways when you:

  • Write your insightful weekly content such as blog posts or podcast episodes
  • Craft empowering social media posts from your blogs or podcasts
  • Post eye-opening questions on social media, so you stand out as a caring coach

The best way to achieve 100% clarity about your coaching clients’ urgent issues? Immerse yourself in their world. Take off your expert hat. Imagine what your health/life/job was like before you came up with the solutions you teach or coach on today. 

Use these questions to jumpstart your thinking:

  • What specific problems does she talk about with her best friend?
  • What are the exact, persistent frustrations she can’t get beyond?
  • What’s blocking her from reaching her goals at work or at home?
  • What has she already tried that didn’t work?

Here’s a thoughtful journaling exercise; how would your dream client fill in these sentences?

If I don’t find a way to fix _______, I’ll go off-the-charts.

I’m sick and tired of ________.

I’m so frustrated by ________, because it’s keeping me from ________.

I wish I could finally stop ________, so I can _________.

It’s time I found a way to ________, once and for all. Then I can ________.

Once you’re clear about your potential coaching clients’ worst problems, you have website content topics. You can also reuse these topics on social media (more about that shortly). Happily, you’ll also have an excellent starting point to focus your coaching program on.

Here’s a post to find more about coming up with the right content; click here for more tips on creating content your dream clients love.

In our last step, we’ll dive into how you can become consistent with creating your content, so you can show up and share to engage your delightful dream clients.

Step 4) Be the coach who creates + posts fresh content weekly

Once you master how to create content consistently, creating and posting it will go a long way toward engaging your audience. Because the reality is, your coaching clients are continuously looking for help, ideas, and baby-steps as they scroll online. Everyday.

That’s why keeping a complete list of urgent client problems becomes a valuable asset for you. When you maintain a client problems list, you’ll have a constant source of inspiration for new life coaching content each week.

Because you’ve been compiling your coaching clients’ issues, you don’t need to do an internet search to figure out what’s troubling them when it’s time to write a new post. Cool, right? 

Imagine, never having to feel stuck about a topic for unforgettable content that engages your future life coaching clients—so they’re excited to learn about you by visiting your website! 

You’ll find more about making your marketing content compelling in this post, click here.

Step 5) Show up on social media like clockwork + share your remixed content

Whew, we’ve arrived at our last step and it’s where your diligent, wonderful marketing work as a coach pays off. Big time!

Showing up consistently so you can engage on social media with clients who are interested in what you offer, is huge! That’s why you put blood, sweat, and tears into mastering how to create content for your life coaching business in the first place, right?

Absolutely! So here’s how to reuse, recycle, remix, and repurpose the amazing coaching content you’ve *already* created.


For sharing on social media:

  1. Pull out memorable snippets of your blog posts, webpage, or impactful quotes from your podcast.
  2. Reuse the same blog post images and save yourself a boatload of time! 
  3. Have snippets ready to post when it’s time to engage on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


Examples of how I’ve recycled my blog post content by sharing snippets on Facebook:



 For email messages to your list:

Write an introduction explaining *what’s in it for them* when they read your new blog article, or listen to your newest podcast episode.

Final thoughts on how to create content

They say, you can’t bake a cake without all of the ingredients.

That way, you can become the reliable life coach who shows up consistently, and shares her content like a boss. All you’ve gotta do is put these 5 steps into action.

Don’t ever forget, you can change the world. One amazing client at a time!


~ Cynthia

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